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Just a note: something new at Ebooks Direct very soon



And not ebooks, for a change.

Harcourt has been tidying up its warehouse, and because there are only 100 copies left of the 20th Anniversary Edition of So You Want to Be a Wizard, I’m taking them off their hands.

The books will be here in a week or a week and a half, and for those who’re interested in having one of these (with the lovely wraparound cover), I’ll be selling them through the store: signed and personalized, of course.

I’ll see if I can sort something out through the store to handle pre-orders if anyone wants to go that route. Just bear in mind that once these are gone, that’s it: these will be the last mint condition copies of the book available anywhere.

Meanwhile, we’re on the last day-and-a-bit on the post-Easter 50%-off sale at Ebooks Direct, so if anyone wants to get any ebook in the store at half price, this is the time.


Ezio Auditore Traveller. AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations.

I only know the AC part of this equation, but it is made of awesome. <3




I like looking up the “fitness” and “fitspo” tags on tumblr for inspiration and motivation. A lot of them are fantastic and do their damned job. One issue: there’s a lot of emphasis on being skinny and losing fat. I think there’s a huge amount of difference between being fit and being skinny. Just because for some people there is an overlap doesn’t mean skinny = fit = skinny. Hell, my desire for a lower BMI has nothing to do with skinny. I would look awful skinny. I want to be FIT. I was to be strong, confident, and kickass. Losing BMI is part of that but I hate the emphasis on LOSING FAT instead of gaining strength, of being SKINNY instead of being strong. Look at soldiers. You’ll see a lot of FIT people but not necessarily SKINNY people. That should be a hint there.

I have a personal trainer, go to the gym four or more times a week, and actually stopped getting my period because I don’t have enough bodyfat (before anyone asks, seeing my gynecologist and a nutritionist to get that figured out). I also weigh 151 lbs. The only way I’m losing more weight at this point is if I cut parts off.

Ignore BMI. Ignore BMI, ignore BMI, for the love of little green apples ignore BMI. If you can, ignore weight entirely; judge your fitness by endurance and resting heart rate, things that actually matter.

BMI is bullshit. It was designed before 1850, by a guy who intended it to work out general categories to stick insurance clients into, and used data from white men. It has since had its weight categories adjusted downwards to make smaller, lighter people fit into the ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ categories. It was never supposed to be used as an indicator of health for individual people.

BMI scales with the square of your height, and weight scales with the cube of your height, so if you’re tall it goes out of whack.

Women have more natural body fat than men, and BMI was calculated on men, so if you’re female it goes out of whack.

A lot of non-white people have different fat and muscle distributions than white people, so if you’re not white it goes out of whack.

Muscle and bone are heavier than fat, and BMI makes no distinction, so if you’re built stockily or exercise a lot it goes out of whack. Athletes regularly have BMI numbers that call them obese.

And finally, if you absolutely must use BMI as an indicator of potential health, studies have shown that the healthiest bracket to be in is the one labelled ‘Overweight’. ‘Obese class I’ and ‘Normal’ have the same mortality rate; ‘Underweight’ and ‘Obese class II+’ have the same.

*breathes heavily* Ahem. Sorry. I get a little passionate about this. XD


if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you


Give a farm boy and a farm girl weapons, what could happen??

Teeechnically Mulan isn&#8217;t a farm girl, but she certainly hasn&#8217;t wielded a sword before, no.


Give a farm boy and a farm girl weapons, what could happen??

Teeechnically Mulan isn’t a farm girl, but she certainly hasn’t wielded a sword before, no.


(Set right after deadcatwithaflamethrower's Shadows III fic. If you haven't read deadcatwithaflamethrower's awesome fic, probably none of this will make sense. This is not part of the official Re-Entry timeline, just a plunnie that bit hard and kept on chewing.)

Venge should probably have opted for sleep instead of poking the Force Object.

*ahem* reblogging for daytime crowd XD;

Kind of an odd question, but I'm writing a thing, and I suddenly find that I need to know if there's a 'daughter of' version of the Irish/Gaelic 'son of'/Mac/Mc. Would you happen to know if such a prefix exists?



I think it’s “ní”. (I seem to remember seeing “nic” as well, but that might be Scots Gaelic.)

Yep, “Ní” is short for “Inion” and means “Daughter (of)”.  Some versions (depending on the name) are “Nic”, as in “Nic Craith” for the female version of McGrath.

Though in general, “Nic” does tend to be Scots Gaelic.

More or less goes:

Mac Craith - McGrath (male)

Nic Craith - McGrath (female)

Uí Craith - McGraths in general or Bean Uí Craith (Mrs McGrath) to indicate married into the McGraths, as distinct from related by blood

(Somebody with better Irish can correct my plurals and genitives here)

Yess, this is exactly what I was needing. Thank you to everyone who answered - the info has been put to good use, and a character has been named. :)

More Paradigm character designs!

Only a week until the comic starts, whoot!

These are two characters you only meet a ways into Paradigm, so I’m not going to caption them here.  Sufficed to say they play pivotal roles. XD


The Long Game- Part 2 [Part 1]

All of history’s greatest figures achieved success in almost exactly the same way. But rather than celebrating this part of the creative process we ignore it.

This missing chapter in the story of success reveals the secret to doing meaningful work. But in the modern world, full of distraction, do we have what it takes to do great things?

Contact the FCC at 1-888-225-5322


Hey guys. I know lots of you are pissed about the new FCC ruling regarding fast lane access and putting internet restrictions in the hands of broadband companies.

This destroys net neutrality, and is infringing upon our First Amendment rights, specifically the freedom of the press and the right to free speech.

The FCC is currently taking comments and complaints regarding this issue. I call on everyone to bombard the FCC with complaints about this nature, and urge them to restore net neutrality. If we crash their lines, they’ll have to listen to us.

The telephone number to contact them at is listed above. Please pass this on. Call them, don’t just fill out petitions. Let them know that this is wrong.



(Set right after deadcatwithaflamethrower's Shadows III fic. If you haven't read deadcatwithaflamethrower's awesome fic, probably none of this will make sense. This is not part of the official Re-Entry timeline, just a plunnie that bit hard and kept on chewing.)

Venge should probably have opted for sleep instead of poking the Force Object.





stop playing the victim. that’s not even a real instrument



It’s a fine day when the Hannibal fandom successfully freaks out the Supernatural fandom.

On Fanfiction



I was cruising through the net, following the cold trail of one of the periodic “Is or is not Fanfic the Ultimate Literary Evil?” arguments that crop up regularly, and I’m now bursting to make a point that I never see made by fic defenders.

We’re all familiar with the normal defenses of fic: it’s done out of love, it’s training, it’s for fun. Those are all good and valid defenses!

But they miss something. They damn with faint praise. Because the thing is, when you commit this particular Ultimate Literary Evil you’ve now told a story. And stories are powerful. The fact that it wasn’t in an original world or with original characters doesn’t necessarily make it less powerful to any given reader.

I would never have made this argument a few years ago. A few years ago I hadn’t received messages from people who were deeply touched by something I wrote in fanfic. So what if it’s only two or three or four people, and I used someone else’s world and characters? For those two or three or four people, I wrote something fucking important. You cannot tell me that isn’t a valid use of my time and expect me to feel chastened. I don’t buy it. I won’t feel ashamed. I will laugh when you call something that touches other people ‘literary masturbation.’ Apparently you’re not too up on your sex terminology.

Someone could argue that if I’d managed the same thing with original characters in an original world, it could’ve touched more people. They might be right! On the other hand, it might never have been accepted for publication, or found a market if self published, and more importantly I would never have written it because I didn’t realize I could write. The story wouldn’t have happened. Instead, thanks to fanfic being a thing, it did. And for two or three or four people it mattered. When we talk about defending fanfic, can we occasionally talk about that?

I once had an active serviceman who told me that my FF7 and FF8 fic helped get him through the war. That’ll humble you. People have told me my fanfic helped get them through long nights, through grief, through hard times. It was a solace to people who needed solace. And because it was fanfic, it was easier to reach the people who needed it. They knew those people already. That world was dear to them already. They were being comforted by friends, not strangers.

Stories are like swords. Even if you’ve borrowed the sword, even if you didn’t forge it yourself from ore and fire, it’s still your body and your skill that makes use of it. It can still draw blood, it can strike down things that attack you, it can still defend something you hold dear. Don’t get me wrong, a sword you’ve made yourself is powerful. You know it down to its very molecules, are intimate with its heft and its reach. It is part of your own arm. But that can make you hesitate to use it sometimes, if you’re afraid that swinging it too recklessly will notch the blade. Is it strong enough, you think. Will it stand this? I worked so hard to make it. A blade you snatched up because you needed a weapon in your hand is not prey to such fears. You will use it to beat against your foes until it either saves you or it shatters.

But whether you made that sword yourself or picked it up from someone who fell on the field, the fight you fight with it is always yours.